Adding value to a tripod manufacturing assignment for long-term benefits

We were entrusted with a project of manufacturing a tripod for a client. The tripod was to be used in erecting the structure required on ground to install solar panels. We received the drawings for the tripod and were supposed to deliver the tripods.

The Execution

CSPL team delivered the desired product as per the requirements of the client, in the stipulated time. The client shared an issue where the repainting of the product would cause expenses- both time and money wise. CSPL expressed the desire to fix this issue.

The Result

We improved the painting method of the tripod to improve the life of the paint. Our modifications helped change the repainting frequency from 1 to 3 site installations, which resulted in tremendous time saving. At the same time, we managed to improve the painting process without increasing the cost. The client appreciated these changes immensely.