Developing the load body for the diesel 3-wheeler of a reputed auto player

A leading name in the automobile segment gave us the task of manufacturing the load body for their diesel 3-wheeler. The major task was to develop the floor and side panels of this load body. Usually big players in the automobile segment buy rolled panels, assemble them and supply it to the OEM.

The Execution

CSPL team decided to manufacture the panels of this load body, in-house. To achieve this, we developed the necessary tooling in-house, for the floor and side panels.

The Result

The prototype was developed by us which underwent load test and other parameter checks. The Design department of the client approved the prototype in the first go itself. CSPL supplied 3000 load bodies for the diesel 3-wheeler. Instead of using the popular rolling technique, we used an alternative manufacturing process, which reduced the price. This also resulted in an effective alternate and reliable manufacturing method.